Omnipresence Children Nursery School, pride our selves on offering an exceptional early years learning and play experience. We aim to become Northampton’s leading early years provider.


Since founded in 2014, we have worked tirelessly to build and develop a nursery that individually supports the learning of every child. These are the most important stages of all our children.

OMNIPRESENCE CHILDREN NURSERY SCHOOL NORTHAMPTON - SIGN LANGUAGEHere at Omnipresence Children Nursery School, we include teaching sign language classes to the children on a regular basis, we teach Makaton sign language.


We combine Sing and Sign to nursery rhymes and action out songs which is great are great fun. Musical activities help stimulate language development.


What is Makaton and why do we use it?


Makaton is a unique language programme that uses symbols, signs and speech to enable people to communicate. 

It supports the development of essential communication skills such as attention and listening, comprehension, memory, recall and organisation of language and expression. 

It supports children to understand language (as each concept has a visual clue) and/or to express themselves. 


You can find out more about their mission by visiting:




Makaton is the UK’s leading language programme for adults and children with over 100,000 children and adults, use Makaton symbols and signs.


Most people start using Makaton as children then naturally stop using the signs and symbols as they no longer need them. However, some people will need to use Makaton for their whole lives.


Makaton is used for teaching communication, language and literacy skills with children and adults who are at an early stage of communication and language development. 

This structured approach can also help people who are learning English as an additional language, helping them to communicate straightaway, whilst also supporting their learning.


What are the benefits of using Makaton?


  • Basic communication
  • Helping to understand
  • Developing language skills
  • Facilitating social interaction
  • Helping build relationships
  • English as an additional language

OMNIPRESENCE CHILDREN NURSERY SCHOOL NORTHAMPTON - SIGN LANGUAGEHow do we use Makaton at Omnipresence Children Nursery School?


At Omnipresence Nursery we use Makaton signing with all children in the nursery. We use it during free play activities as well as in group and story times. 


Children are encouraged to learn a new sign each week. Nursery staff regularly use signs along with speaking to support children’s understanding.


Is it the same as British Sign Language?


Signs are taken from BSL, the naturally occurring language of the deaf in this country.


Only the key words or important words are signed.


Won’t it prevent children speaking?


  • Signs, Symbols and Speech are used together.
  • Research shows that signing encourages speech and language development.
  • Gesturing is an important stage in typical language development i.e. children gesture before they say their first words.
  • Makaton is simply standardised gesture, all of us use the same gestures.

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